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Table salt with dehydrated summer truffle 120 g

Table salt with dehydrated summer truffle 120 g

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Our Salt with dehydrated summer truffles is an explosion of flavour, a perfect marriage of land and sea. This precious seasoning is ideal for enhancing a wide range of dishes. Just a light sprinkle of this magical salt will elevate the taste of pasta, risottos, potatoes, eggs, meats, mushrooms, and even popcorn!

Our  Truffle Salt is a culinary secret that should not be missing in the pantry of those who love cooking and appreciating good food. Experiment with your favorite dishes and discover a new level of taste and refinement.

Every kitchen deserves the distinctive touch of black truffle, and with our  Salt with dehydrated summer truffle, it's more accessible than ever. 



  • Table salt,
  • Black summer truffle (tuber aestivum vitt.) min 10% at origin,
  • Natural flavours
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