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Vecchio Borgo Tartufi & Funghi

Dry porcini mushrooms

Dry porcini mushrooms

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Italian mushrooms from the Parma hills.

Porcini mushrooms are dried naturally without being treated, they are then carefully selected and the most beautiful slices are chosen: thinly cut and light in color. Out of this first choice we obtain the extra quality, which is then selected again on our work tables before packaging.

This results in a carefully selected bag, completed with a beautiful handmade bow, which creates an excellent visual effect, also ideal for those who want to make a present. We recommend storing it in the freezer, which blocks product's aging while keeping its taste and aroma properties unaltered. You can put it all together in a single tray (it won't stick anyway as the mushrooms are dry) if necessary, remove the slices you need and after 10 minutes, the time to let them come back to life, you can use them as usually.

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