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White Truffle Honey 120g/500g

White Truffle Honey 120g/500g

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Our White Truffle Honey is an unique product that combines the natural sweetness of acacia honey with the sophisticated aroma of white truffle. Each jar holds one or two pieces of this gastronomic treasure, offering your palate an unparalleled experience.


High-Quality Acacia Honey: Our honey comes from happy bees that feed on acacia flowers, ensuring a light and unique sweetness.

Authentic White Truffle: The white truffle, with its irresistible aroma, is carefully harvested and added to the honey to create a perfect combination.

Elegant Flavor: White Truffle Honey is a delight for the senses, with an extraordinary balance between the sweetness of honey and the earthy aroma of white truffle.

Versatile in the Kitchen: The versatility of this product is astonishing. Use it to enhance the flavour of cheeses, meats, salads, or even ice cream.

Ways to Use:

Perfect to accompany Cheese: Pair it with a selection of gourmet cheeses for a refined appetizer.

Excellent with Meat: Brush White Truffle Honey on grilled or roasted meats for a gourmet touch.

Exclusive Salads: Add a few drops to fresh vegetable salads for a sophisticated twist.

Elegant Sweetness: Drizzle this honey on ice cream or yogurt for an elegant dessert.

Experiment, create, and indulge with our White Truffle Honey. Discover culinary art in a new light



Acacia honey,
White truffles (tuber magnatum pico) min 3%,
Natural flavours

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Ottimi prodotti - Miele Speciale

Sono cliente da quattro anni. Prodotti e tartufi freschi sempre di qualità. Servizio professionale e puntuale. Un punto fermo per la mia attività di ristoratore. Tutto ottimo! Attenti e preparati sui loro prodotti, sono sempre pronti a dare i consigli giusti. Ottimo il burro al tartufo e speciale il miele